Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ok this is a BOOK BUDDY!!!!!

I loved how these look and they would make an awesome gift for any reading guru(like me...*G*) these are the instructions that IBIRUS(Lynn) gave to me and they are some of the best instructions I have ever seen....if you follow what she said you WILL NOT make any mistakes..*S*

" The "book buddy", as I call it (it needed a catchy name) is really easy. I saw it at a stamp camp. It's an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock cut the long way so you have two pieces 4 1/4 x 11. Fold it in half first then fold each corner back to the fold again to make and accordian. The first page was just a quote, the second page is a removable book mark, I used a folded piece of cardstock so I could do a glitter window. The third fold is a place to keep post-it's and the last fold is a loop for a pen. Under the bow are two eyelets that form holes for the ribbon. Then a ribbon wraps around the whole thing. "(this is what Lynn sent to me)

Now I didn't add ribbon around the whole thing since I am a ribbonaholic I thought I had better get away from the ribbon a bit before my kids decide to get me nothing but ribbon for christmas...*LOL* I added VELCRO where I needed it to stay closed...*S* I also added a little pencil rather than a pen because well I just saw it sitting there and thought to use it..

Have fun with this one and I would love to hear your thoughts on it..*S*

This is the front of my BookBuddy...I will upload the open picture and write the instructions and who gave me the instructions...*S*

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Well its been snowy and freezing and I have been hding out stamping my heart out and getting ready to load up a bunch more picutres of cards,bags,gifts,whiteboards and all sorts of goodies that I hope you will all enjoy...*S*

I just want to wish US folks a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and CAN ..HAPPY WINTER..*G*..keep checking this week for those uploads.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rainy Days

Another stipled card..I love stampin up's blues they are so beautiful so I thought this one should be all blue since most people seem to get all blueish durning rainy times....well..when your sitting in the middle of -15 any rain would be more than welcome because if its raining that means its warm...*L*
Along with stippling I also added some dazzling Diamonds to only the blue flowers on the umbrella's, The other flowers have been colored in with Stampin Ups Singlo Gel Pen.

I really needed to come out of my comfort zone and do something new,something that I do not normally do.
SOOOO...I came up with this...*S*
I took some pretty in pink and some close to coco and used my stipple brush and stippled it as a background onto very vanilla CS. Then i took those same colors and also chocolait chit and stamped some hearts from the "Love It" hostess set from Stampin Up,cut them out and added them,I also had a key charm laying around so I added that with some hemp twine. I had some left over little hearts so I added those to the saying at the bottum of the card. And Voila...*S*

Sunday, November 12, 2006

This is one of the cuttest sets again from Stampin Up! Its called FlakyFriends this set is so cute and tons of fun to play with.

I use craft and cranberry CS I cut out the mittens on a string and the bigger mit with the saying for the saying i used a punch. (everything or just about everything I use is from Stampin Up) I used pencil crayons to color in the snowmen and then used a blender pen to make it look more unified. I added buttons at the top to make it look like the mittens are hangin from them. I had fun making this card its alot of cutting and coloring but very relaxing.

Who says snowflakes all have to be white or blue...*G*...I really enjoy making Christmas Cards with a NONtraditional feel to them...I am passionate about Christmas anyway so i am sure that helps.

This is just Whisper White CS from Stampin Up and Real Red ink and Scarlet Fibers all from Stampin Up. Turned out pretty good..*S*

I love love love Hedgies...My kids and I look after a cute little guy on weekends and holidays from the local Jr.High School and he is the sweetest little guy. Herbie is so curious and funny and when I found out that Stampin Up used to have Hedgehog sets I had to find them and wow have I been playing with them.

I put Crystle effects on the candy cane and the bow of the little girl I also added stickles to all the greenery this has all been put on watercolor paper from Stampin Up which I also love.

I saw this pretty little girl at Micheals and fell in love with her but I just couldn't convince myself to pay what they where asking so oneday I was peeking into ebay and saw her there and just had to have her and I am soooo glad I did.

I love Faires and the ledgends that go with them. This Fairies name is the "Lavander Faire. I added stickles and crystle effects to her and around her but it does not seem to show up here it really looks pretty IRL.