Friday, December 8, 2006

This my Older sister when she was about 2...She passed away when she was 3 this and a couple of thothers are the only photos I have of her. Her name was Simone. She was beautiful...and those eyes...

This is my mom at age 16...she was beautiful....she passed away wayyy to younge.

And last but not least my son..Jonathon.At least the last page of my kids. This one a charmer and man can he talk....Good Lord.

This is my second youngest Samantha...she is so full of energy I wish I could bottle it.

This is my youngest Cassandra. Always the "queen of the Castle" And again for some reason there are large gaps in between each post just as soon as I can get it fixed I promise I will.

This is my Oldest daughter Constance. All of the pictures are a few years old and as you boticed I love black and white photos for some reason they are showing up very blurry but they really are not.

I have never really been inot scrapbooking,until I kept seeing all of these beautiful albums there are some very talented people out there. All of the pages I am putting here today where done in ONE day 2 of them in 1 hour and the rest that evening.

This one is of my 2nd oldest daughter Ashleigh. I used nothing but the new stamps and paper from SU. The paper is called Echante and the stamps are Carte Postale,Butterfly of Happiness.